Best IoT Platform for Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU and ESP8266 Projects

Create Stunning Dashboards and Visualizationualiztions for your IoT Projects

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IoT Devices

ThingsAI IoT Platform supports various IoT Devices such as NodeMCU, TI CC3200, Rasberry Pi3 which can be configured under 5 minutes and ready to communicate with the platform

IoT Sensors

Collect and Analyze the Sensor data. ThingsAI enables collection of your data from various IoT sensors and ability to build data analytics on top of it

Iot Applications

Visualize your IoT Applications by building graphs, charts and other UI to build a custom dashboard for your sensors and devices

One Platform for All your IoT And
Visualizationualation Needs

Flexibility is adding different kinds of hardware devices and ability Device management, data collection, processing and visualization for your IoT Applications. ThingsAI supports Cloud and on-premise deployement.




IoT Devices


Data Sets

We Offer a Full Range of
IoT Services

Device Management

Configure and Manage and Test remotely your IoT Devices with the click of the button. Program your devices with rich set to API and tutorials available

Collect, Store and Visualize data

Collect and store IoT Sensor data such as temperature, humidity in scalable and redundant way, which is crash proof. Visualize in several ways with build in widges , chart libraries and make beautiful dashboards. You can create multiple dashboards and cross it across projects to bring all the data in one placeholder. Share it across your friends, professors or even customers.

AI and Machine Learning

Process your IoT data and apply several in-built AI and Machine Learning Algorithms to make your IoT Applications smarter.

Why We’re The Best Match For IoT Applications

You IoT Devices and Sensors is not just about collecting and vizualizing data, offcourse we have some of the best data visualization tools, it is is also make making these devices smarter. Built-in AI and ML make it builing your solutions faster and will be ready to market efforlessly

  • Professional and easy-to-use IoT Platform
  • Setup and installations takes ten minutes
  • Perfect for any device with pixel-perfect design
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Our IoT Platform
Salient Features

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Advanced Analytics

Our Advanced Analytics tools helps your to build powerful visualization dashboard in a seemly way.

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AI and Machine Learning

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Dashboard Configuration

We provide several UI elements to make stunnily awesome looking dashboard which you should be very comfortable sharing with relevant people

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Alerts and Notifications

Gives various options for alerts and configuration. You can configure Email, Text Message or Mobile Calling Alerts for various data triggers.

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You can start with a single device and grow it to tens of thousands of it devices whithout having to worry about the performance, speed or redundancy

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Rules and Report

We have strong reporting engine which can send daily, weekly, months reports based on the settings also reports can be generated based the events.

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What Customer Says

Great IoT platform for beginners and professional too. One stop solution for IoT projects

Noel Patel

Creative Director

ThingsAI is seamsless to setup and get your sensors to cloud. I'm very happy with their IoT Platform and its features


IoT Enthusiat

UI is very intuitive and creating and managing the projects are simple and fast.

John Doe


I was able to complete my collage IoT Projects on time with ThingsAI IoT Platform, support is good and discussion forum is best to get any questions answered.

Kenelia Deshmukh


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more details about your security practices?
You can visit our discussion forum and post questions, that is the best way to help and grow the community
what is an IoT platorm?
IoT Platform is a buch of cloud architecture for you to Connected your Hardware and visualize the data in the cloud
what is an IoT Devices?
IoT Devices are the hardware components which connects to the sensors like humidity sensor, temperature sensor and collect the data from these sensor and transmits it to cloud.
Is there any mobile app for the IoT platorm?
We are working on releasing both Android and Iphone apps, stay tuned.
Is it possible to "sell" the solution to my customers?
Yes, you can create your own IoT application and sell it as a complete solution.
How Long it takes to setup a device and send data to the IoT platform?
You should be up and running in under 30 minutes
How many IoT Projects can I have?
You can have as many projects as you want depending on your tier. For Free tier you can have up to 5 IoT Projects Simultaneously